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 Sourced from Sangli, Maharashtra's vibrant fields, Sangli Turmeric is a culinary treasure steeped in the area's agricultural legacy. Recognized for its vibrant color, unique fragrance, and powerful medicinal qualities, this turmeric variant embodies the skill and commitment of local farmers. Access genuine Sangli Turmeric online to savor the essence of Maharashtra's vibrant turmeric heritage.


Unique Features :


  • Cultivated in the fertile soil of Sangli, Maharashtra, renowned for its agricultural excellence.
  • Distinctive golden-yellow hue, indicative of the high-quality curcumin content.
  • Embraces traditional farming practices, contributing to the region's vibrant agricultural heritage.

Sangli Turmeric

  • GI Specifications

    Geographical Region

    Sangli Turmeric,Maharashtra

    GI Application No.


    GI Status Awarded


  • History & Heritage

    Sangli Turmeric, cultivated in the lush fields of Sangli, Maharashtra, is a culinary and medicinal treasure celebrated for its vibrant golden-yellow hue, distinct aroma, and illustrious heritage. With roots deeply embedded in the agricultural traditions of the region, Sangli Turmeric has become synonymous with quality, authenticity, and the unique characteristics derived from the fertile soil of Maharashtra.

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