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Bangalore Blue grapes, cultivated in the Bangalore region of India, are a favored table grape variety known for their delectable taste and distinctive blue hue, attributed to the abundant anthocyanin content in their skin. These medium-sized grapes feature a round, slightly oblong shape, and possess a thin yet firm deep blue skin. The juicy, sweet flesh carries a subtle tartness, offering a full and intricate flavor profile with berry undertones and a hint of musk.


Health Benefits :


  • Medium-sized, round, and slightly oblong.

  • Thin but firm, deep blue in color.

  • Abundant and complex, with notes of berry and a hint of musk

  • A combination of sour and sweet, sweet and flavorful just beneath the skin, and sour to the seed.

  • An excellent source of potassium, vitamins, and minerals, and often used to treat weak digestion, fever, and general debility.

Bangalore Blue grapes

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    GI Product of India


  • History & Heritage

    Originating in the Bangalore district of Karnataka, the Bangalore Blue Grapes have a long history dating back to the 19th century and are closely associated with the local viticulture. These grapes are well-known for their part in the region's wine-making history and are a reflection of a vibrant cultural history as well as long-standing agricultural traditions.

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