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The "grape capital of India"—Nashiki district—is home to the production of the Nashik grape variety. Greater than half of the nation's grape exports come from Nashik. Nashik Grape are distinguished by their exceptional sweetness and variety, including popular types like Thompson and Flame Seedless. Integral to Nashik's winemaking and agriculture, these grapes thrive in the region's unique terroir, enhancing their flavor and quality.


Health Benefits :


  • Antioxidants: Grapes fight free radicals, reducing stress.

  • Heart Health: Grapes support a healthy heart.

  • Resveratrol: Found in grapes, it may have anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • Immune Boost: Vitamin C in grapes helps fight infections.

  • Digestive Aid: Grape fiber aids digestion and prevents constipation.

  • Anti-Inflammatory: Grapes may reduce inflammation.

  • Brain Protection: Resveratrol in grapes may benefit cognitive health.

  • Eye Health: Grapes contain lutein, good for eyes.

Nashik Grapes

  • GI Specifications

    Geographical Region


    GI Application No.


    GI Status Awarded


    GI Product of India


  • History & Heritage

    Nashik's grape cultivation history spans decades, initially focusing on traditional table grape varieties. In the late 20th century, a pivotal shift occurred towards wine grape cultivation, driven by evolving consumer preferences and global recognition of Nashik's potential as a wine-producing region. This transformation saw the establishment of numerous vineyards and wineries, notably Sula Vineyards in the late 1990s, contributing to Nashik's emergence as a significant player in India's wine industry. The region's grapes, both table and wine varieties, earned Geographical Indication (GI) status, affirming their unique qualities tied to Nashik's climate.

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