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One notable Basmati rice variety is Pusa Basmati. With a cooked kernel length of up to 22 mm and a very high cooked kernel elongation ratio of 2.5, it has extra-long, thin milled grains (9.00 mm), a pleasant aroma, and a volume expansion of more than four times. Due to its remarkable quality attributes, Pusa has raised the bar in the Basmati rice industry.


Unique Features :


  • Slender Aromatic Rice
  • Authentic Flavour.
  • 3x Grain length.
  • Unique Cooking qualities.
  • Easy digestibility.


Know your Basmati :  

Pusa Basmati is a landmark Basmati rice variety. It possesses extra-long slender milled grains (9.00 mm), pleasant aroma, and exceptionally high cooked kernel elongation ratio of 2.5, with a cooked kernel length of up to 22 mm, volume expansion more than four times. Owing to its exceptional quality characteristics, Pusa has set new standards in the Basmati rice market.

Basmati Rice

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  • History & Heritage

    The Name Basmati is derived from two sanskrit words “Vas(Aroma)” & Mati meaning ingrained from the Origin. The characteristics of Bastmati Rice is attributed to the specific Harvesting technique, Processing method and Geographical Region.

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