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Maharashtra's Treasured Grain


Ambemohar Rice, named after its delightful blossom-like aroma, is a cherished grain in Maharashtra's culinary heritage. This pale yellowish-white rice variety is not only known for its unique fragrance but also for its soft and fluffy texture, making it a popular choice for sweets and desserts


Unique Features:


  • Highly Fragrant and Aromatic.
  • Distinctive Pale Yellowish-White Grain with Long and Slender Structure
  • Soft and Fluffy Texture after Cooking
  • Delightful Sweetness in Taste, Making it Perfect for Sweets and Desserts
  • Traditional Heirloom Variety Revered in Maharashtra's Culinary Traditions

Ambemohar Rice

  • GI Specifications

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    GI Product of India


  • History & Heritage

    Ambemohar Rice is a symbol of Maharashtra's agricultural legacy. Its popularity in local cuisine showcases the cultural richness and gastronomic diversity of the region, making it a cherished ingredient in traditional dishes.

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