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The Pride of Kerala's Granary


Palakkadan Matta Rice, distinguished by its reddish-brown grains and nutty flavor, is a culinary treasure from the granaries of Kerala. This heritage rice variety is not only known for its hearty texture but also for its high nutritional value, making it a staple in Kerala's traditional cuisine.


Unique Features:


  • Distinctive Reddish-Brown Grain with Nutty Flavor
  • High Nutritional Value and Dietary Fiber
  • Rich in Minerals and Antioxidants
  • Hearty and Chewy Texture after Cooking
  • Traditional Heirloom Variety Preserving Kerala's Culinary Heritage

Palakkadan Matta Rice

  • GI Specifications

    Geographical Region


    GI Application No.


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    GI Product of India


  • History & Heritage

    Cherished for its unique reddish-brown hue and robust texture, this heritage rice variety reflects the agricultural traditions of the region. With a legacy that spans generations, Palakkadan Matta Rice is a symbol of Kerala's rich heritage and plays a vital role in the diverse culinary tapestry of the state. Its cultural significance is preserved through its distinct flavors and traditional farming practices.

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