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Bihar's Hidden Culinary Gem


Katarni Rice, a hidden culinary gem from Bihar, is characterized by its distinctive aroma, long-grain structure, and slightly sweet taste. This rice variety plays a significant role in the culinary traditions of Bihar, offering unique and delightful flavors to various dishes. With its prestigious Geographical Indication (GI) tag, this rice variety ensures authenticity, allowing consumers to experience the true essence and cultural heritage associated with this revered heirloom grain.


Unique Features:


  • Distinctive Aroma with Nutty and Earthy Notes
  • Long-Grain Variety with a Soft and Fluffy Texture
  • Light Creamy Color and Slightly Sweet Taste

Katarni Rice

  • GI Specifications

    Geographical Region


    GI Application No.


    GI Status Awarded


    GI Product of India


  • History & Heritage

    The word ‘Katarni’ literally means an ‘awl with a hook at the end for sewing’. Awl is a pointed tool for making holes in wood or leather. The name Katarni has been derived due to the shape of the apex of paddy which is similar to the tip of awl.

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