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Sourced from the misty hills of Coorg, Karnataka, Coorg Arabica Coffee is a jewel in India's coffee heritage. With a history rooted in the 19th century, this coffee variety represents the cultural depth and expertise of Coorg's coffee farmers.


Unique Features :


  • Thrives at specific elevations, shaping its unique flavor.
  • Meticulously processed through traditional methods, preserving distinct characteristics.
  • Balanced flavor profile with subtle notes like [specific flavor notes].
  • Geographical Indication protection ensures authenticity and regional distinctiveness.
  • Carefully packaged for freshness, ensuring consistent high-quality coffee.

Coorg Arabica Coffee

  • GI Specifications

    Geographical Region

     Coorg, Karnataka.

    GI Application No

    GI Status Awarded 2019
    GI Product of India 331
  • History & Heritage

    With a history deeply intertwined with the coffee trade, Coorg has been a key player in India's coffee cultivation since the 19th century. Coorg Arabica Coffee stands as a symbol of the region's coffee heritage and the expertise of its local farmers.

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